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Tax Preparation And Compliance

With the passing of each new Congressional tax act, it becomes more and more difficult for the average person to efficiently prepare their returns to take advantage of available credits and deductions. Though U.S. tax laws are complex and changing, there are tax preparation strategies that can ensure that individuals and business owners don’t pay more than is required or alternatively underpay and risk being audited. Planning is imperative to reducing your taxes and ensuring full utilization of existing tax benefits.

International Tax Advisory

The U.S. imposes income taxation based upon citizenship, not based on tax residency and U.S. resident aliens are taxable on worldwide income for their lifetime unless they expatriate completely. Residing and working outside of the United States can trigger the application of special tax laws and regulations when certain qualifications are met, permitting the offset of U.S. tax obligations in part or in their entirety.

Loss & Fraud Prevention

“Loss Prevention Shield is the foundation of financial risk management for individuals and organizations. Everyone must be proactive in shielding income, assets, and business interest to protect their future livelihood. Our mission is to minimize the risk of financial loss through analysis and identification of financial risk areas and addressing those risk through developing a loss control program“ – Medhat Bahnan, President Accounts International, LLC

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